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Why not use the personal web server instead of ASPexplore. Do I really need this?
ASPexplore Software is much more than web server emulation. It allows the creation of whole bindable (combined) applications ...
Who uses ASPexplore Software?
ASPexplore package as product, has been launched very recently.However, it already has high profile customers ...


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Starting this year we have joined our forces with SilverAge Software company. We have prepared special version of ASPexplore which is now compatible with HandyHTML editor. Both products are now available in a bundle, which can be found at SilverAge's site and is available for download here.

ASPexplore is a software package that runs Microsoft
Active Server Pages (ASP "Classic") off-line, without any Web server. It consists of two important components: ASPexplore.exe - The true "ASP browser" capable of interpreting and running ASP pages on-the-fly along with regular HTML files (much alike Internet browser does it). ASPexplore allows the opening and execution of a single page or an entire ASP site. In addition to the interpretation of scripts embedded into HTML, it enables the use of ODBC databases, ActiveX, server-side components and more. And, what is vitally important, you should know that ASPexplore browser is completely free.You can take it now from Download section and run it ... 
Articles and white papers:
Read an article about hich apeared in April 2005 edition of "Software 2.0" Magazine. Read the white paper about business software created using ASPexplore.