Why should I use the personal web server instead of ASPexplore. Do I really need this?

ASPexplore Software is much more than web server emulation. It allows the creation of whole bindable (combined) applications, the encryption of your source code, the creation of setups, the addition of self registered ODBC databases and other ddls and many further functions. The most important thing: you can distribute your application built by ASPexplore anywhere you want. The end user does not need anything more than Microsoft Internet Explorer (4.0 or newer) installed.

Who uses ASPexplore Software?

ASPexplore package as product, has been launched very recently. However, it already has high profile customers. Read what Software Development Manager, Dr Wojtek Szermer of Fujitsu Kyushu System Engineering (FQS Poland, Inc.) wrote:

"ASPexplore proved to be an excellent tool for demonstrating our bioinformatics internet solutions. The hassle-free installation of an ASP system packaged into a desktop application makes it easy to present the product at a customer's laptop any time, without the overhead of installing additional software"

Another recommendation:

"ASP-Explore has turned out to be a dream come true!!!!

My software was initially designed as a Web Application using ASP Classic.

Now thanks to ASP-Explore I am able to deliver my product in LAN or Standalone versions without any major programming changes. The tech support department at ASP-Explore is top notch. They were able and willing to work with my developers to ensure a successful implementation of our application. I am very impressed with the software and support I have gotten from ASP-Explore and wish to say THANKS.

I highly recommend this company and software package.

Michael A. Kheyfets
Director of Technology
Aztec Software"

Before being launched as product, it was used in numerous applications for such giant like Philips and for companies of financial sector in Poland.

I found a bug or ASPexplore locks up. My code does not work with ASPexplore but it works
with IIS.

Let us know about it! Write to
aspexplore@makolab.pl. We will do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

My original site works with Dundas Upload component. It does not work with ASPexplore. Why?

Dundas Upload requires some server features not implemented in ASPexplore Software. ASPexplore works with files locally. Just replace part of your code. Use FileSystemObject instead.

I work with ASPexplore Software and IIS at the same time. A certain code has to be ignored by ASPexplore or by IIS. How can this be achieved?

Use Request.ServerVariables. ASPexplore Software does not define server variables as IIS does. It gives you access to your system defined variables. For example ask for REMOTE_ADDR variable. ASPexplore will return an empty string.

My application uses my own control. How to add it to the setup? The SetupWizard installation page allows the addition of executable files only.

Add your ddl or ocx like other files. Specify <SYSTEM DIR>/ target dir if you want to add your dll to system folder. Select the control file in the files window, then check the 'Register file after installation' option. Setup will try to register your control and uninstalling the program will try to unregister it.

My javascript tries to close the browser window. Would it work with ASPexplore?

Yes, it would. ASPexplore detects browser closing and closes the window by itself without any question. Use the script 'prompt' command if you want to choose whether to close it or not. From version 1.1.16.x your own confirmation messagebox is also available.

How to set server script timeout or default pages during build-time?

Press the F2 button. This will give you access to the server parameters. Values are stored in the registry, so they are read during the next ASPexplore launch.

Has ASPexplore 100% compatibility with the latest Internet Information Server?

No and it will never have. Until now ASPexplore has implemented 4 built-in Active Server Pages objects (Server, Session, Request, Response). We have been trying to implement these objects as close to the IIS versions as possible but they have some limitations and occasionally they behave in a different way than you would expect. The work on ASPexplore Software and introduction of new features is still going on.

What are dialog box units? What is the difference between window size in pixels and dbu?

The size of window created using dbu size depends on the font size used on the user machine. This allows the window to fit all text regardless of user font size (120 or 96 dpi). With small fonts 1 horizontal dbu is 1.5 pixels, and 1 vertical dbu is about 1.6243 pixels.

How to switch ASPexplore window to full screen?

Press the F11 key. Press again to exit from full screen.

I do not see some images or some links are broken. What is the reason?

Probably a page points to a file in the root folder or its path begins with a "/" mark, e.g. /images/myimage.jpg. You can see that ASPexplore Software creates virtual sites http://local-c (d, e.. and so on) for each drive and http://home for ASPexplore or your application base directory. Let's imagine that you are testing your project in c:\myprojects\test folder. Press F2 and define home directory as c:\myprojects\test. Now c:\myprojects\test\default.asp can be represented as http://local-c/myproject/test/default.asp or http://home/default.asp. The difference is that /images/myimage.jpg points to c:/images/myimage.jpg in first case and to c:/myprojects/test/images/myimage.jpg in second one. This can be a little bit confusing, but remember that final product will work with paths http://home based. At design time it is impossible to know where http://home will point to. It depends where your application is installed to.

I still cannot see some images. Sometimes they are there, sometimes not.

We are investigating this problem. It usually happens when a page contains multiple gif images. We assume that this is a browser caching problem. Try adding the following script to your page:

myimage = new Image();
myimage.src = "/images/myimage.gif";

ASPexplore cannot work due to Norton AntiVirus protection activity. How can this problem be solved ?

ASPexplore is based on scripting technology. If your Norton AntiVirus has an option of blocking scripts, you have to uncheck it to enable ASPexplore to work (in NAV choose Options - Script Blocking and uncheck the box).

What's new in current version?

Here is a list of new features, changes and bug fixes:

- some small fixes in setupmaker
- new key generation algorithm
- retail copy key added; every retail copy must me recompiled with different key
- abort capability during setup creation in setupmaker
- fixed library compatibility in setup on NT 4.0
- request.servervariables("INSTALL_DIR") and request.servervariables("PRODUCT_NAME") added to code

1.0.11 (2003.04.24 release)
- NT 4.0 setup bug fixed
- abort capability during setup file extraction

1.0.11 (2003.06.13 release)
- over 64kB setup index file (windows 98 system) now is available
- local html temporary files are now deleted with application launch after previous program crash (2003.07.26)
- SerialPort and ParallelPort ASP interfaces added
- version correction; product version is now 1.1 as expected, third number is major build version
- fixed browser resize capability using page script (further testings are recommended) (2003.08.05)
- file version properly recognized by shell
- first file opening bug (blank page on startup, nothing can be opened) on some computers - fixed (further testings are recommended)
- welcome page added

1.1.14.x (2003.10.07)
- new file processing conception: protocol handler used; Internet Explorer 4.0 is sufficient, Windows 95 probably too (need more tests)
- virtual drive is no longer required, http://local-... , http://home and http://network-... namespaces defined
- new dll name (memberasp2.dll) for backward compatibility (can be registered together with old MemberASP.dll); new interface names and guids, ISettings interface removed
- session.contents, session.contents.remove and session.contents.removeall methods added
- multitheading - script execution doesn't suspend application, script can be stopped by navigation (back, forward, refresh) or stop button, multiple scripts can be processed at the same time
- script output (asp page) displayed in real time, not only when completed
- short name removed from SetupMaker
- Response.write accepts are variable types convertable to string
- server.scripttimeout works properly
- multipart/form-data form type supported
- immidiate abort capabillity of infinite scripts
- msscript.ocx no longer used
- better collections implementation
- server.transfer, server.execute methods added; response.end & response.redirect are no longer affected by "on error resume.next" statement

1.1.15.x (2003.12.22)
- new script processing implementation; separate script class implemented - possibility of killing file processing while script is blocked in some called function
(f.e endless base opening or user input request on server console). Stop operation, page reload or close program will kill that script.
- fix for huge non asp files loading (f.e. pdf's)
- Remove All option for files in setupmaker
- new methods: Response.Expires, Response.ExpiresAbsolute
- new methods prototypes: Response.IsClientConnected, Response.CacheControl
- new option: always offline
- F8 for forcing Session.Abandon at any time while build time
- crc checking
- new methods added: response.expires, response.expiresabsolute
- new method prototypes added (dummy): response.isclientconnected, response.cachecontrol
- new method prototype added: response.addheader (works corectly with Content-Disposition only)
- new option: allow timed out script continue - removed server side script execution option
- new option: enable cache for dynamic pages - to switch caching off
- new option: default installation directory
- new option: local components - to avoid administartor privilliges problem
- icon modification with multiple choice during setup
- administrator privilliges detection in setup

1.1.16.x (2004.07.23)
- new feature: ability to register wsc files in setup
- pdf to pdf file link works properly now
- JScript and all other non-standard languages installed in system are supported now; @LANGUAGE directive available
- RequestDictionary.Key and VariantDictionary.Key properties added (f.e. Request.QueryString.Key(1))
- exit confirmation message option
- fix for 512+ kB response.write string

1.1.17.x (2004.09.09)
- new faster preprocessing engine with proper script name and line number detection
- @LCID directive supported
- session.lcid, response.lcid, response.blockwrite supported
- homepage and home directory can be set in runtime options during build time (F2 key)

1.1.18.x (2004.10.07)
- error in asp code lines longer than 512 characters corrected
- minor editorial and appearance changes (graphics details etc.)
- full handling of Polish language (new graphics and messages). Interface language choice is done on first page of SetupMaker and does not reflect the code created. Generated application language choice is done in Setup tab.
- double-language startup page
- blocking of adding ASPexplore local pages history to global browser history
- better support of Windows 98
- minor Setup changes
- support for hyperthtreading machines (affinity set to 1 processor for new threads)
- Fujitsu-Siemens machines amendment

1.1.19.x (2004.12.13)
- new section on server tab - cache enabled or not; fixed limits for file quantity and kbytes in cache
- saving of configuration options to a wiz file
- saving of options in currently generated setup
- english and polish tooltips for new elements

- new section in settings tab - cache enabled or not; fixed limits for file quantity and kbytes in cache
- saving/reading of options in registry
- english and polish tooltips for new elements
- read of options from setup configuration
- options sent to MemberASP2 component, previous version compatibility

- options interface extended by new functions
- change in cache class with consideration of undeletable files
(NEEDFILE flag):
1. deleting of oldest files
2. moving to the end of queue recently opened cache files
3. deleting from cache unvalid files; files flagged as NEEDFILE are not
4. immediate cache cleaning
5. servervariables function shows current cache state

1.1.20.x (2005.04.20)
- selection of single icon in setup corrected
- error line number in script changed (if 'include' was correct)
- content disposition corrected (way of file transfer between threads were changed).

1.1.21/22 (2005.08.25)
- hyperthread machine fixes
- SetupMaker: generate exe option switches icon to first in list
- Setup: switches icon correctly if only one specified
- fix to Server.HTMLEncode (adds ; char)

1.1.23 (2005.12.06)
- Response.CharSet, Response.Codepage
- @CODEPAGE directive
- Session.CodePage
- fix: full support of Unicode in response to client and in get/post for Request collecting
- running ASPExplore browser with default Open File parameter