Writing software in a new way

ASPexplore Software can truly revolutionize the way desktop software is written. Until now, programmers were working hard to move their desktop software to the WEB, writing server based applications that utilized many different technologies from pure CGI programs, through PHP and JSP to ASP. But the software for the WEB was still dramatically different from the desktop software.

Using HTML as the page description language, web software creators were able to generate Graphical User Interfaces, called WEB Pages, with unprecedented beauty and ease-of-use. When Microsoft introduced Windows with its fundamental GUI, it was obvious that the learning paths for different applications were to be shortened.

Browser technologies, HTML and embedded components like FLASH moved this approach even further. Everybody knows today how to browse a site, how to follow links and how to go forward or back in a browser. Web sites do not need user manuals to be useful!

With ASPexplore you can choose the opposite direction. You can take a working WEB site and create a Windows executable program out of it. Now, once is in the form of a plain EXE file, you can install and run it on any Windows-based computer. And because modern ASP/HTML allows for total flexibility in the generation of beautiful and functional sites - ASPexplore Software allows for your total freedom in the creation of attractive and functional applications.

Creating attractive multimedia presentations

Currently, writing an attractive multimedia application is a task reserved for skilled people. They can use Macromedia FLASH or Director and create elegant presentations that are available for redistribution on CDs or can be downloaded from the WEB. However, the learning path for such software is not the shortest one!

Conversely, for those with minimum HTML knowledge it is very easy to create attractive presentations. However, the distribution of such presentations is far from being convenient. What is more, it is hard to add database functionality to such solutions. With ASPexplore Software, you just create a set of ASP/HTML pages, add database functionality and that's it! ASPexplore Software converts such sets into Windows executables, adds setup software and your presentation is ready for distribution.

Testing ASP software off-line

ASPexplore package provides an off-line testing environment for your WEB server projects. Before you go to your ISP or install the heavy IIS on your workstation, use ASPexplore and you can practice almost all aspects of your code before you publish it on-line.

Moving WEB software to the desktop

So far, all the software gurus have been talking about moving software to the WEB. But sometimes it is of far more worth to move it from the WEB to the Desktop. Imagine you have created a Web storefront for your e-commerce site. You probably wanted to have an administration panel that could function on the database and that would allow the change and modification of product descriptions, prices etc. And you probably would prefer to make your changes off-line, at home, and then publish the final database onto the WEB site. With ASPexplore Software that task is very easy and does not involve any programming different from that already created for the store !
For another scenario, imagine you have created an on-line education system with lessons written as ASP scripts. Using ASPexplore package you can create off-line lessons for your students !

And much more ...

If you know other scenarios ... write us !