ASPexplore package demonstration version limitations:
Product can be used for a 30 days trial period. Program will become inaccessible after the registration key has expired and you can only work with ASPexplore browser only unless you acquire new registration key or retail version of the product. 
Application generated by SetupMaker is capable of processing up to 500 ASP pages. It also displays none removable Makolab’s copyright note.

 SetupMaker does not allow specifying your own splash screen for application, add your own icons and does not support custom installation features. ASP pages encryption is also impossible.

Download full demonstration version (ZIPped setup)

Download free trial version (ASPexplore browser only) (ZIPped setup)

The program will generate 30-day key after free trial version has been successfully downloaded. You will be able to
register your copy the trial period is over.